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FINALLY, the truth is being told.

As the Impeachment Hoax continues in the U.S. Senate, watch the RESPONSE LIVE NOW. You will be encouraged.


Father we return to you this day to repent for shedding the innocent blood of tens of millions in our nation. For participating in the barbaric killing of children made in your image with our actions, inaction, our silence, and our votes.

We confess and repent for violating your commandments and allowing the slaughter of our most innocent before and even after their birth.

Forgive us for participating, permitting, and funding Planned Parenthood’s racist targeting of 20 million black lives in the womb—a quarter of the African American population.

Forgive us Lord for also taking the lives of our disabled, our sick, and our elderly. Cleanse us, Lord, and cleanse our land with the blood of Jesus.

As we humble ourselves, pray, and seek your face we remind you of your remnant working to turn from our wicked ways: Alabama whose law restores full protection to children in the womb, and the ten righteous states (and counting) who have passed Heartbeat Laws to ensure that every child whose heartbeat can be heard will be protected by law in:

North Dakota
Louisiana and

We ask that you remove all obstacles preventing passage and enactment of these laws to keep hearts beating without delay. We ask for more time to finish the good work which you began to change hearts, laws, and rulings to END the killing throughout our nation for good.

We speak LIFE over the United States of America and declare this day that we will obey you and through your grace we pledge and proclaim America will END abortion and no longer merely regulate it.

We pray for our President. Thank you—Lord, thank you for President Trump. Grant him divine protection, wisdom, and favor. May he continue to lead as you direct.

Awaken your people to register and vote to elect righteous, pro-life, and courageous leaders at every level. We pray for voter integrity—alert your angels, gatekeepers and watchmen to prevent voter fraud in every form and bring swift and complete justice to those who would interfere, illegally alter, or attempt to steal this election in any way.

We pray for your choice to fill the Supreme Court vacancy and for swift confirmation by the Senate. Strengthen your nominee and protect her from personal attacks and assaults against her faith.

We declare this day that we are One Nation Under God and that the United States of America loves you Lord, Jesus. It is in YOU whom we trust. Never let us lose our freedoms to openly serve and obey you Jesus, and proclaim you as the risen Savior, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Lord fulfill every dream you have in your heart for this nation which was founded in you, and remains in you.

We ask you to make this America’s finest hour—where your Kingdom is advanced like never before—in every sphere of influence, where we will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.

We pray all these things in the name of Jesus, the author and giver of life.

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A Heartbeat Away Endorsements:

“Janet Porter is a frontline warrior whom I respect highly. She has done as much to protect the sanctity of human life as anyone I know. I’m also pleased to call her my friend.”
          -James Dobson Ph.D. Founder & President James Dobson Family Institute

“I consider Janet Porter one of the most important figures in our culture today. You will too!”
          – Mike Huckabee, Governor of AR 1996-2007, TBN host, best-selling author, Fox News contributor

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